The USA is an exciting and multi-faceted marketplace, which can be extremely lucrative and rewarding when correctly approached. 

The US is a marketing driven environment with complex relations between sales and communication/press. Although each of the fifty states have their individual characteristics, combined they form the United States of America with one identity.

This understanding is underlined with the fact that there is one national language for all its 260 million citizens (compared to multiples in the comparable European market zone).

Furthermore, the US can be split into seven different climate zones, e.g. while its winter in the North-East, Spring/Summer temperatures rule the South-East.

Finally the US is a price and service driven market with a large department and specialty store distribution network.

Merchandising, marketing and distribution should recognize the above aspects, whereas success in North-America can be achieved in many different ways and therefore multiple business models can be applied, while a lack of understanding of these specifics may result in missed opportunities.